Congratulations Team Purple – message from Stuart and Kirsty

A number of Inverness ASC swimmers attended the recent Forres 2-day Meet. Through all their training and effort, the Inverness swimmers finished a very successful Meet as the top team!

We wish to extend a massive thank you to our coaches, volunteers and, parents for giving up their time for the benefit of the club.

The most important thing a swimmer can do now is to reflect on their performance from the weekend and, with the help of their coaches, figure out “what do I need to work on now?”.

Could you have hit the water in a tighter streamline when diving in? Do you need to focus more on getting your head in line with your body during your swim? Do you need to work on your breathing?

There is so much a swimmer can work on to improve their next performance (even the Olympians), that’s why our sport is so exciting!

Once again well done and here’s looking forward to more of our swimmers achieving PBs during 2018.