Entering Swim Meets

Inverness Swimming Club Rules and Guidelines for Entering Swim Meets

Swimmers are encouraged to participate in Swim Meets throughout the year.  If you are unsure which meets/events to enter, please speak with your coach. The meets that the club targets throughout the year can be found inMEET CALENDAR’

Information regarding a Meet and a Meet Entry Form will be emailed out to swimmers.

Meet Information

It is important that parents and swimmers read meet information carefully & keep a note of all the requirements. Swim Meets can involve swimmers coming from many different clubs. The heats all have to be finalised shortly before the actual races start. As much advance warning of changes, for example non attendance is helpful for the organisers. Also being at the event an hour before races start allows the organisers time to finalise heats. It is important that parents and swimmers are aware of warm up and race start times, the venue, age groups etc.

Meet Entry form

The entry form is used to collect information about each swimmer, the races they would like to enter and their fastest times for that event. You can enter an event with no time, but if the meet is oversubscribed, swimmer with slower times or NT’s are likely to be removed from that race first.

If you need to get up to date times in between meets, coaches may be able to provide informal times. These coaches’ times can be used to enter most meets, unless the meet requires accredited times (usually the North District / National Meets etc)

The Meet Secretary must receive the entry form by the closing date. Payment must be submitted with the entry form in a sealed envelope. Please write the swimmers name and Meet name on the front of the envelope.

There may be relays at some of the Meets. Please indicate on your form if your swimmer does or does not wish to be considered for relays. The final decision on relay teams is often decided on the day of the meet. Relays are paid for by the club.

Draft Programme

A draft programme containing all the entered swimmers will be sent out to all swimmers who successfully applied for the Meet. Once again, parents and swimmers need to check their entries.

If `SCR` or OVERSUB is next to a swimmer’s name, this means the Meet was over-subscribed and the swimmer is not entered. If `RES` is next to a swimmer’s name this means the swimmer is a reserve in the event and will be expected to attend. If withdrawing before the Meet, a swimmer or parent/guardian must inform the Meet Secretary ASAP. All scratched swims and reserve swims that do not get their swims are refunded. (unless the swimmer withdraws). Refunds can take up to 3 months after the Meet.

 Parent’s assistance – Swimming Technical Officials – (Timekeepers and Judges)

All clubs entering swimmers must provide technical officials for each Meet. The Club relies on parent volunteers and it is important that at least one parent is trained as a timekeeper or judge. If the Club can not provide enough technical officials, it may be fined and the number of swimmers entering will be restricted. Priority will be given to those swimmers whose parents have volunteered as technical officials. If your child is entering a Meet, you will be expected to officiate for at least one or two sessions. Please highlight the sessions you can help with on the application form.

Please contact our Swimming Technical Official convenor Sally Martin for information on attending a timekeeper’s or judge’s workshop, via general@invernessswimmingclub.co.uk

What to bring & When to be there.

Please wear your Inverness Club Kit and Inverness Club Cap at all swim meets.

It’s a good idea to bring spares of everything to a meet; 2 swimming costumes/pairs of trunks, 2 swim caps, 2 pairs of goggles, 2 towels and in addition, a club T-shirt/poolside top, poolside shoes, snacks, a packed lunch and water bottles!

Please be ready, changed and poolside and report to the Club Coach at least 15 minutes before the start of each warm-up session. Swimmers may be withdrawn from the Meet if they are not at the start of the warm up session!

If a swimmer will not be able to attend or will be late, they should contact the coach the night before or on the day of the Meet on 07704693052. The coach must submit withdrawals at the start of each warm up session to avoid a fine.

At the Meet

At the Meet there will be a time for a warm up session (usually about 10-20 minutes) which tales place before the actual heats. This is then followed by the heat times.

Timing has to be coordinated to meet race requirements. Each Meet  has a certain number (which can vary considerably). Every swimmer must report to marshalling before their race. (even if you are a reserve). The coach will inform a swimmer, normally about 5-6 heats before their race, to go to marshalling. After a race is completed, the swimmer should go back to the coach for feedback. It is important to let coaches know where you are at all times!!

Meet Results

Meet results will be emailed out to swimmers/parents as soon as they become available. (usually within a week following the Meet) It’s always a good idea to keep a note of swimmers times & the dates achieved.
Meet Results are available to view on:



It sometimes helps to look at past results when deciding to enter a Meet, as it gives a rough idea of the times needed to enter a Meet.

Any Questions?

If you have questions regarding a Meet please do not hesitate to contact The Meet Secretaries:

Lesley Gatton (ND / Open and National Meets)

Trish Sheldon   (Mini Meets and Graded Meets)

Anita Airey      (all other meets)

We can be found at the poolside, or email: meetsecretary@invernessswimmingclub.co.uk