Meets Explained

Swim Meets provide opportunities for swimmers to compete with other club swimmers. Inverness Swimming Club will enter a number of meets each year. Some of the key Meet issues and frequently asked questions are below.


To help record swimmer’s progress and ensure heats are faire, it is important to match swimmers of similar ages and abilities. Meet entry forms will request swimmer age details, with some meets requiring the swimmers age on Meet day, others requesting the swimmer’s age as of th 31st December.

Long Course (LC) and Short Course (SC) Meets

Long Course Meets are held in 50m pools and Short Course Meets in 25m pools. The Meet Secretaries will have to convert the swimmer’s times to LC or SC times as required.

Time Trials

These can be Meets and are sometimes held during training sessions. It gives the swimmers a chance to update their times to gain entry to other swimming Meets.

Club Gala & Special events night

The annual IASC Club Gala is usually held over 2 Wednesday evenings (during training sessions) at the end of September and beginning of Oct. All members of IASC participate and it is a fantastic opportunity for new and younger swimmers to gain competition experience. Our Special Events night is non-accredited & great fun for all our swimmers.

Mini Meets

These are held for younger and more inexperienced swimmers, usually aged 11 years old and under. They are normally accredited/licensed Meets where a full complement of Technical Officials will be present.

Graded Meets

These are completed under full swimming rules and regulations and are usually accredited/licensed Meets. Swimmers entering into these Meets must have times slower than the times stated in the entry information.

District Meets

SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) is divided into districts; IASC is part of North District which covers the North of Scotland and the Islands. These are also accredited/licensed Meets. There may be consideration times for these Meets.(eg faster or slower than times)

National Meets

These are for all swimmers who make the qualifying standard within Scotland. These determine the best swimmers in Scotland.

Accredited Meets and Swim Times

Accredited Meets are completed under full swimming rules and regulations. Most Meets will fall in to this category. There is a huge amount of work involved before, during and after the Meet in order to gain a licence for accreditation, which is why it’s so important for us do our bit in providing enough officials. Results from these accredited meets will be submitted to Scottish Swimming for Rankings/ Records and will appear on the Scottish Swimming website.

Times can be used to enter all Meets. More information about accreditation can be found on the Scottish Swimming website:

Non-accredited Meets

Some Meets may not get their accredited licence. Other Meets may decide not apply for an accredited licence again for various reasons eg ‘a fun meet’ like our Special Events Nights or the Highland Schools Gala. Times from these Meets can be used to enter a number of other events but may not be accepted at more formal Meets. As these times are not accredited times, they will not appear on Scottish Swimming.

It’s always a good idea to keep a note of your swimmer’s times for future Meets and also to see if any times need updating. You can enter a meet with NT (no time), but if the Meet is oversubscribed it’s usually the slower times or NT’s that get scratched first.