C squad is our entry level squad to the club and is skill based and technical. The following are key criteria the club uses to assess C squad swimmers. For more information about criteria and expectations, please see the C Squad Swimmer Agreement;

• Swimmers should be aged between 7-11yrs, which allows them to enter mini meet competitions,

• C squad is broken down into progressive stages so we can assess each swimmer on their progress, each stage will contain different components of learning and distances,

• Swimmers should be prepared to commit to all sessions asked as the long-term benefit of this will show at a later stage in their development,

• Swimmers will be offered another session when coaches think they are ready to progress further,

• Swimmers should be able to cover all distances at 25m/50m/100m depending on competition age group and have good aerobic conditioning with legal starts, turns and strokes,

• If swimmers have the required skills and technique, they will be expected to swim in local home-based swim meets. There are 4 mini meets for ages 11 and under. There are a number of further meets for older swimmers to attend,

• A swimmer who is not showing signs of progression or willingness to learn or compete, will be reviewed by the coaching team,

• A key requirement of membership of the club is for swimmer parents to volunteer and make a contribution to help running the club, meets etc. This will be monitored by the club and reviewed by the committee/coaches. Failure in a parent contributing may result in a swimmer having to leave the club,

To move up to B squad your coach will assess swimmers on all of the above and see that strokes are technically legal, that you have passed the criteria required and that you are willing to compete at club level in the local area.

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