Please find below a brief update on the items discussed at the recent Committee Meeting. Any questions please contact the Secretary.

Time & Date: 6th October, 7pm via Zoom

Meeting was opened and welcomed by the chair. Apologies from Sally and Lucy

Covid19 Update

Shona gave a verbal update, this is week 3 back to the water and things and generally going well. Kids and coaches have been great in adjusting to the new conditions. The Covid rota has been updated and are thankful to all the covid officers who have volunteered. There are still opportunities should members wish to volunteer please contact the secretary.

With the winter nights the covid officers are looking at the changing area as a possible option for children to use if it can be made covid safe. A further update will be given as soon as possible.

Thanks were given to all involved, including parents in getting the club back and running.

PVG Update

There is a healthy number of volunteers supporting the delivery of swim sessions and PVG applications are progressing appropriately.

Committee Vacancies

A list has been updated with current vacancies. To be circulated and advertised amongst all members. There are a number of important positions to be filled including the Chair, Vice Chair, Membership and Meet Secretary amongst others.

Those committee members in position expressed their commitment to support newly appointed members and continued support to the club in an informal capacity. They were thanked for their previous and ongoing work to improve the club for all.

If you are interested in one of the positions please contact the chair.

Paid Committee Role

It was agreed by the committee that we continue to pay for JAMBusiness to continue supporting the treasury secretary in producing formal and compliant accounting.

Club Finances

All committee members have been asked to consider the paper submitted by Rob with support and input of Anita and Diane that encompasses the overall financial position of the club. There is recognised urgent need to agree a sustainable membership plan at the upcoming AGM. One or more realistic proposals need to be developed prior to the 1st November to allow proper scrutiny before voting.

Head Coach

Has been advertised, it is expected that it will be appointed in January. There was discussion around the advertising job description and consultation process.

New Online Store

Fiona was thanked for her efforts in establishing an online store. Some members have already ordered club kit and work will continue to add further lines in the near future.

You can visit the online club shop here.

Communication Strategy

It was agreed to continue Membermojo subscription to allow the use of email address associated. Rob will take the lead on developing a new, simplified communications strategy.

Swimmer Recruitment & Progression

It was agreed that the club that new members cannot be accepted currently. The website was updated to reflect this.

There continues to be progression within the squads and sessions may be adjusted in line with attendance at sessions.

Masters Swimmers

There are 13 masters associated to the club. There needs further work to ensure procedures are clear and understood so they can be properly supported. Rob to take forward with Fiona.


Grant for backstroke ledges – this requires action

Jackets/ Hi-Vis Vests will be bought for safety of volunteers


The proposed meeting agenda can be found here, please contact the secretary to add agenda items.

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