11th September 2020

The committee met via Zoom on Friday past to discuss a range of important issues affecting the club. In the interest of keeping everyone informed this is a brief note of the discussion.


Given these unprecedented and challenging times it is so important that we communicate with you, our members. This is our new-look newsletter and we will be reaching out to you to contribute and get your feedback.

Club Fees

There was many proposals discussed on what the fee structure should look like in the club going forward. Given the enormous uncertanty with Covid it was agreed that it was more important that we get swimmerss back into the water in the first instance. Therefor it was agreed that there will be no charges for swimmers in September, the club will pay pool fees and running costs from existing funds.

Some of the ideas discussed:

  • Pay per session
  • Monthly Fee either back to previous levels or operating at a reduced rate
  • A combination of the two

Performance / Competition

We are keen to get kids back into the water and get back to what the club does best – competing for medals! We do not know currently when meets will be back on the agenda but we are here to support your child and get match fit as soon as possible.

New Website

We appreciate all the positive comments about the new site. Ideally we would have had a longer lead in time to show and discuss these changes with you but given the circumstances it is working well. If you have any issues or suggestions please use the contact form to let Rob know.

Robert discussed some of the features of the website and we hope to continue to add more functionality that will help members to manage their swimmers account online.

Sessions are filling up and while there has been some teething issues it seems to be working well – thank you!

Read more about Ticket Bookings here.

Read more about how we secure your data here.

Club Gear

Fiona has been in touch with a local clothing company Klas Clothing about getting you kitted up for the new session. The talks are at an early stage but it is important that we have an online ordering facility and getting your kids kitted out for their swimming sessions.

Next Meeting & AGM

There will be another meeting in October to discuss how to structure fees for the club going forward. As per the constitution all members of IASC are enrolled within the committee and should consider attending. Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions on how we can make it more accessible.

The Annual General Meeting is just around the corner (November) and there will certainly be roles on the committee that need filled. Are you interested in getting more involved? Get in touch with the Chair to discuss how you can help improve the club.

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