Positions on the committee becoming available:

  • Meet Secretary
  • North District Meet Convenor
  • Inverness Meet Convenor
  • Swimming Technical Official (STO)

Role Descriptions

Meet Secretary

As IASC is a competitive swimming club, the Meet Secretary plays a vital role in entering and recording our swimmers into internal and external competitions. You will work closely with the coaches to inform on swimmer performance and be trained on using the Hytek system for entering and maintaining meet details.

General Attributes

Good communication and organisational skills. Attention to detail.

Main Roles & Responsibilities

  • Attend committee meetings and provide monthly & annual meet sec report.
  • Provide the coaches with regular reports on meet attendance, meet eligibility, individual & relay swims, SCR & RES swims, plus admin reports, performance reports, top times, improvement, meet reports, records & time standards, ideally after every meet.
  • Update and maintain all the meet related info on club website incl, the ‘how to’ info, all the club records, swimmers’ LC & SC times etc….(ideally swimmers’ times need to be updated on the website after every meet)

This job is not particularly complex once you learn Hytek, but it is time consuming and requires attention to detail.

North District Meet Convenor

Organising the dry-side of North District meets which are held in Inverness along with a working group of parents. 

Duties include ensuring shop, water, food for officials etc. is organised (there is a checklist), that all duties are covered, i.e. marshalling, shop, front desk etc. Ensure printing is done of meet programmes and DQ slips. Organise medals and work with ND to set up the evening before the meet. 2/3 meets per year. 

This role would suit a parent with swimmers in B squad or upwards with a team of helpers.

Inverness Meet Convenor

Organising of the running of the Club Graded meet and Club Championships. This involves: 

Applying to hold the meet through North District (all meets in ND must be authorised by the ND swimming committee), once date agreed apply for a licence. 

This ideally needs to happen a year in advance. 

Liaise with club STO to ensure a referee ,recorder, AOE operator and Starter is available . Book the pool with Inverness Leisure..(booked well in advance)

Enlists the help of parents to aid in the smooth running of the meet(desk duty, sweetie and water run for officials poolside and marshalling)

Ensure food, water etc. is organised.

Organise the printing of programmes once the meet programme has been finalised.

Ensure all office supplies required by the Recorder and AOE operator are provided.

Paper , pens, Staplers and Printers x2

For the Club Graded Meet and Club Championships only

This role would suit a parent with swimmers in any squad. And could be combined with any of the other meet secretary roles.

Swimming Technical Official (STO)

To liaise with club parents to organise time keeping and judges courses with North District STO. Organise club technical officials for meets that the club are attending as well as north district meets held at Inverness Leisure, club meet in April and Club Championships in September/October.

Also keeps the stopwatches for the club and maintains the watches (batteries).

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