Inverness Amateur Swimming Club is a volunteer-led non profit organisation. We only ever ask you for personal information to run the basic functions of the club, we never share your data with external-parties or advertisers.

On the updated website you might have noticed the padlock on the URL now? This is an important step to allow us to create a secure connection between the device you use and our website.

You can read more about SSL and how to keep yourself online here.

In the future we plan to do even more to hopefully make your lives a little easier in paying fees and club memberships so it was important that we did everything possible to secure your personal information.

We will shortly be moving your data from a software system called ‘membermojo’ onto the website to have a single point of reference for your data. Once this transition has been completed your data will be permanently removed from this external company.

Any personal information is always treated with the upmost confidentiality and only shared with committee members where it is essential to their function within the club.

You can read our full privacy policy here.

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