Inverness Amateur Swimming Club are committed to excellence and dedicated to developing competitive swimmers in an enjoyable, safe, structured environment emphasising individual progress, team unity and family participation

Club Policy Documents

Policy documents followed by the club are detailed below. To view any of them just click on the title.

We want your support and ask you to abide by these simple rules when supporting your child and the club. . Read More
We adopt the Scottish Swimwear Policy and FINA rules on swimming costumes.
Read More

To ensure that all swimmers involved within the sport participate within an agreed philosophy and set of standards. Read More
A responsible swimming coach helps the development of individuals through improving their performance. Read More
IASC subscribes to the Scottish Swimming policy on Wellbeing & Protection Policy: Children & Young people. Read More
How we will collect, store and protect information new swimmers provide when they join the club. Read More
How the data you provide when joining the club is used. Read More
How the data you provide when joining the club is used. Read More
Procedures operated by the club in the event of disciplinary issues. Read More
As an affiliate club Inverness Amateur Swimming Club operates Scottish Swimming’s Mobile Phone policy. Swimmers or swimmers parents will be required to sign agreeing to adhere to this policy.

There are ‘mobile phone free’ areas within the Club setting. These are areas that are considered to be the most vulnerable and sensitive:

– Changing Rooms
– Toilets
– Showers

There is a zero-tolerance policy in place with regards to use of mobile phones by any individual in these areas Read More

This is a draft policy subject to committee ratification and feedback. Read More

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