In order for Inverness Amateur Swimming Club (IASC) to be sustainable we are obliged to collect fees from our members. We aim to ensure that our fees are as competitive as possible and provide the best possible value for money.

As a non-profit making charity, IASC relies on prompt payment to meet ongoing running costs.  This Payment Policy is to provide clarity for parents and guardians on how IASC handles incoming fees and also outstanding debts from our members.

More information on membership and payments is available within the IASC Constitution [insert link]. The financial year is considered to start on the 1st of August and end on 31st July each year.

Joining the Club

Swimmers can join the club at any point within the year. A monthly fee is due from all members from the date of swimmers first session with the club. Payments are made in advance of the swimmer attending Training Sessions.

For example, a swimmer may be invited to a try-out on the 18th of the Month. That swimmer is accepted onto the C Squad and attends the next C Squad session on the 23rd. The first monthly payment in this case will be due within 14 days of the 23rd.

Membership Fees

Fees are set to meet the running costs of the club and approved by the IASC committee prior to publication. The fees from 1st of August 2019 to  31st July 2020 are:

A & B Squad 

£30 per month

C Squad

£25 per month

Fitness / HST Performance / Entry level C squad

£18 per month

Entry Level C Squad swimmers will move to the C Squad fee after 6 months.

Membership Fees should be made by BACS using payment reference: SURNAME_CHILD(initial).

Refunds & Cancellation of Membership

Members wishing to cancel their membership shall inform the Membership Secretary in writing. 

Ongoing fees will no longer be due from the date the letter is received by the club.

Should a member believe to have overpaid or be due a refund of fees, they should inform the club secretary at the earliest opportunity with details of the transaction in question.

If an underpayment or overpayment comes to the attention of the Treasurer, they will contact the Member directly to discuss payment options.

Refunding Swim Meets

Refunds of payment for swim meets (including scratched races) will be issued automatically by the treasurer to the account from which they were paid, so long as an appropriate transaction reference was included. Please note it can take up to 3 months for meet fees to be refunded to the club from the event organisers and this must happen prior to individual refunds being made.

Late or Non Payment

Payments are made to IASC for Swim Meets, SASA and Monthly Subscription fees. Each of these is handled in following ways: 

Swim Meets

Where the full and correct fee is not received by the application deadline for a swim meet, it will be rejected and any payment refunded within 30 days.

SASA Registration/Renewal

Each swimmer is required to pay their SASA Registration/Renewal fees directly to IASC. Failure to do so by the given deadline will result in …termination of their membership?

Monthly Training Fees

If a swimmer changes Squad the monthly fee will change. It is the responsibility of the member to pay the correct fee and to advise the Club if the swimmer has resigned. If you do not advise the Club and do not cancel your standing order you will not normally get a refund.

Late payment or failure to pay the correct fee will result in:

A polite email reminder being issued by IASC to the parent and/or guardian with details of payment required to put the swimmers account back into good standing.  [needs template]

After 14 days of receiving this email and no action/correspondence received from the parent or guardian a charge of £5 will be added to swimmers account. A registered letter will be sent to the members home address. This letter will also be attached and sent to the email address on record. [needs template]

Should the full balance not be resolved within 14 days of this letter being sent to the parent or guardian will be informed via email that their membership has been cancelled and informed of any existing balance. [need template]

Coaches will be made aware on this date that the child’s membership has expired. Should the child attempt to participate in any club activities after this point they should be refused entry.

Termination of membership will be formally agreed by the Club’s Committee and the member notified in writing to the address on record. No appeal against termination in these circumstances will be available.

An administration charge of £10 may be imposed for any late, missed or partial payments where no satisfactory explanation is given. Persistent offender’s membership may be terminated at the discretion of the Committee.

Rejoining the Club

Should a member wish to re-join the club after the membership has been cancelled for any reason; any previous outstanding balance will be required to be settled prior to their swimmer being given a starting date. 


The IASC Committee considers each request for assistance / flexible terms with session/membership payments with discretion and on its individual merits.

Requests for assistance / flexible payment terms should be made by the parent or guardian, to the Club Secretary within 30 days of the payment becoming due.

Requests for assistance / flexible payment terms will not be considered after 28 days of the payment becoming due.

Long Term Absence

For absences due to illness or injury, for periods exceeding one calendar month, which would affect a swimmer’s ability to train, members are entitled to request a refund of fees paid. However, annual membership and SASA fees will still apply and secure the swimmer’s ongoing membership of the club.

The Club must be informed of any absence as soon as possible.

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