This Policy has been produced to provide clarity to swimmers, coaches, parents / guardians and technical officials around Swimwear. Scottish Swimming follows the FINA rules as stated in their General Rules and Byelaws.

The General Rules provide that swimwear for all competitors shall be in good moral taste, suitable for the individual sports disciplines and not carry any symbol which may be considered offensive. All swimsuits shall be non-transparent. FINA By Laws are more descriptive and prescriptive.

The FINA By Laws are in the main aimed at international Competition, Olympic Games, World Championships etc. In the absence of individual federation rules, (which are allowed), referees are expected to follow FINA Rule BL 8.3 on swimwear, namely “For pool swimming competitions swimsuits for men shall not extend above the navel nor below the knee, and for women, shall not cover the neck, nor extend past the shoulder, nor below knee. The swimsuits shall be made from textile materials.” FINA rules do allow for Federations to adopt their own Age Group Rules. In accordance with this Scottish Swimming will adopt their own rules when it comes to Swimwear and these changes have been captured in the Scottish Swimming, Swimming Regulations. Scottish Swimming seeks to promote a sport that does not unreasonably restrict participation and for those competitions and events that are under the direct jurisdiction and control of Scottish Swimming, we will allow suitable swimwear that competitors require to wear as an alternative to FINA compliant swimwear. For the purposes of this policy these costumes will be referred to as ‘Agreed Swimwear’.

Scottish Swimming Guidelines on Agreed Swimwear

  1. These guidelines shall apply to the discipline of swimming(not Open Water or Masters)held under Scottish Swimming Rules and all levels of Scottish Swimming licensed meets, including National Championships.
  2. Agreed swimwear must not provide any competitive advantage
    • Agreed swimwear should be made of a textile material as per the current FINA Rules
    • There is no limit to the number of pieces that the suit is made up from
    • The tightness of the swimwear is not a factor that will be considered
  3. For Level 3 licensed swim meets agreed swimwear does not need prior approval. As level 3 meets are non-accredited, swimmers will not be disqualified for wearing Agreed Swimwear.
  4. For Level 1 and 2 licensed swim meets swimmers wishing to use Agreed Swimwear must apply to do so using Appendix 1, (found at the end ofthis policy). The application must be submitted to the Scottish Swimming office, using the email address on the form below, at least 21days prior to the first day of competition.The application will be considered by a panel made up of; Chair of the National Swimming Committee, Chair of the STO Committee, Scottish Swimming Director of Performance and a coach.
  5. When a swimmer receives approval for a specific make of swimsuit it can then be worn at future competitions. Only when a different make of swimsuit is being used does a new application need to be submitted.
  6. The swimmer will receive written confirmation of approval/non approval of their swimsuit. Approval must be presented to the meet referee (or session referee) prior to the start of the competition (or session).The referee will capture on the meet licence report the fact that there has been an athlete compete in that session who wore ‘Agreed Swimwear’ (non FINA Compliant), the referee will include the swimmer’s name in the report.
  7. Swimmers wearing Agreed Swimwear will have times achieved recognised for entry to accredited meets.
  8. Swimmers wearing Agreed Swimwear will not be able to claim any records at Scottish National or District level as records require all FINA rules to be met.
  9. Swimmers wearing Agreed Swimwear will not be selected for national teams or squads. This is because national squads and teams compete internationally under FINA rules which are out with the jurisdiction of Scottish Swimming.

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